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/files/First_District_Officer_page 1  - Front Cover

/files/First_District_Officer_page 2 -  Introduction.

/files/First_District_Officer_page 3 -  Notes concerning officers.

/files/First_District_Officer_page 4 -  First District Commander & Canidates duties.

/files/First_District_Officer  page 5 -  First District Commander duties continued.

/files/First_District_Officer  page 6 -  Commander's duties cont, Immediate Past Commander duties & Distric Vice Commander duties.

/files/First_District_Officer_ page 7 -  First District Vice Commnader duties cont. & First District County Commanders duties.

/files/First_District_Officer   page 8 -  County Commanders cont., & starting of First District Adjutant duties.

/files/First_District_Officer_  Page 9 -  First District Adjutant's duties continued.

/files/FIRST District_Officer_ Page 10 -First District Membership Director duties.(They also need to have a computor and email account)

/files/First_District_Officer_   Page 11 - First District Finance Officer duties.

/files/First_District_Officer_   Page 12 - First District Judge Advocte duties.

/files/First_District_Officer_   Page 13 - First District Chaplain and SGT at Arms duties.

/files/First_District_Officer_   Page 14 -  Sgt at Arms continued and First District Historian duties.